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hi ! i'm jojo and welcome to my homepage !
i have been teaching myself html & css since around mid 2022 so please do forgive me if my code is rather disorganized and sloppy. this is just a personal website of mine for all sorts of things from my art to me talking about my favourite interests. i hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting !
last updated : 06/28/2023 @ 1:53PM
06.05.2023 : FINALLY added the webmaster page ! it is incredibly bare bones however but it has basic information about me at the very least so you guys aren't too in the dark on who's running this site !!
06.04.2023 : added a featured page section meant to display the most recently worked on page on this site ! the webmaster page will be added soon hopefully !! also added a to-do list and other graphics !!
05.18.2023 : moved some things around and added a few more graphics ! can't get the site counter to work now though...
05.07.2023 : it's my birthday ! that is all :D
04.29.2023 : changed music track location and kept it as one track. also added tooltips ! the homepage is complete for now, thank you for your patience !!
04.24.2023 : made site music pausable and added a new track (so you can watch the media of the week on the site if you want) and added a little contacts tab with my social media ! currently working on the webmaster page :D
04.20.2023 : added a media of the week section (it's massive my bad) and a to-do list. also happy weed day heheh.
04.10.2023 : halfway done with complete homepage overhaul ! added an update log for bigger / more noteworthy updates.
04.09.2023 : splash page now links to homepage, finally !!
add webmaster about page (with quizzes, likes, dislikes, etc.)
work on blogging section (different sections for personal blogging/diary, essays, etc.)
work on gallery section (different sections for art pieces, sketchbook scans, projects and ocs, etc.)
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